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Passing through the hallway Grace noticed that the bathroom door is open.

However, the time when it is recommended to name the child is the seventh day after the birth since that occurs in the words of the Holy Prophet (SWT) and so it is taken to be a recommendation, and the Hadith mentioning the day of its birth report the Prophet’s (SAW) action – and are, therefore, taken to show & what is permissible.

Since hitting Netflix a couple of weeks ago, the eight-part sci-fi series, set in a sleepy American town in the early 80s, has captured the hearts of people all over the world, children and adults alike. Beyond the remarkably clever homage concept of the show, its impeccable casting is what has rendered it so worthy of its burgeoning cult following. It’s a different experience from shooting a Netflix show for sure, doing a feature film. It’s definitely one of the more ridiculous Stephen King adaptations, but it’s sort of amazing. The old man is like is that it was meant to be, like you said, a homage to those classic films you mentioned and others which are similar. But I think the reason so many people of different ages love it so much is because of how many different elements there are to the show.

The story centres around the search for a missing 12-year old boy, son of Joyce Byers, played, superbly, by Winona Ryder. The series is carried by a group of astoundingly talented 12 and 13-year-old future superstars, all of whom have a certain magic different from the other. You must feel a lot of pressure doing a remake of such a classic movie. This is more a reimagining of the book though, than a remake of the film. It's about a fat dude who gets a curse put on him so that he becomes thinner, to the point of wasting away. There are even some tributes and shots that are almost the same, but all meant with complete respect to the originals. It’s not just a sci-fi horror, there’s comedy, romance, there’s mystery and suspense. I’m surprised a nine-year-old is watching it and not freaking the hell out!

What's the modern-day friendship story that defines our generation, or your generation? Even though we weren’t alive in the 80s, watching stuff that’s about that time gives you such a good feel for the way things were. Everyone I know is going crazy for it right now, my Facebook feed is basically all people talking about . I mean, my friends who are watching it are 13, like me, but like you say, lots of adults are watching it. Finn Wolfhard: I mean, I think it's because there were all the people and cameras there and stuff.

It’s funny that all these stories are harking back to another time though, isn't it?

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