Former teachers dating former students

Though categorically denying rumors she was having sex with students from the school, Swogger was quoted as saying, “I was stupid, very stupid.

I already know I was and I can understand you looking at me wrong.

Only to find that the bastard didn't even answer the question! I asked Google: "Why do teachers have sex with their students." And Google instantly produced links to a bunch of articles on this precise topic.

According to the first couple of articles (no, this was not exhaustive research), here are some common reasons teachers have sex with their students: Now, all of these reasons and theories, of course, seek to explain the more socially acceptable form of teachers having sex with students, which is women teachers having sex with post-pubescent male students, some of whom apparently consider the experience their "lucky day." The other kind of sex with students--the kind perpetrated by serial child-molesters, usually men, some of whom apparently go into teaching as a way to get a steady flow of potential victims--is a whole different discussion (and far more horrifying).

She ended up getting arrested after hooking up with him on several occasions and fought in court.

A former teacher at the school, who only wanted to be identified as Mrs A, told the Telegraph that Muslim students made death threats towards her.

She said she left the public education system after Year 5 children, aged ten and 11, threatened to kill her and her family.

Earlier today, journalism guru Jim Romenesko tweeted that a columnist had admitted that he had written a article called 'Why Teachers Have Sex With Their Students' because he thought it would get a lot of pageviews. I was certainly curious about the answer to that question, so I clicked on the link.

And as I did so, I also thought, "How refreshing--a journalist who actually cares about writing stuff that people want to read.

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And then he went off on one of those snooty sermons about how pedestrian and base Internet readers are for clicking on stories about topics like "Why Teachers Have Sex With Their Students." I've read enough of those that if I never read another one it will be too soon.

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