Brooklyn dating ideas

Hire a sitter, grab your honey and explore what the city that never sleeps has to offer.

Corey Whelan is a freelance journalist based in Brooklyn, N.

Plus, you can turn it into all sorts of other sauces and dips. Adding a bit of coffee flour to box brownie mix not only contributes richer flavor and a slight caffeine boost, but also delivers a whopping dose of potassium.

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All, Relatively new to the dating scene, especially in brooklyn.

I'm looking for a quiet place to go to grab a late dinner/ desert.

So hire a date night babysitter next weekend and head out on one of their creative, unique and cost-effective dates.

New York on a shoe-string may be playful, adventurous, romantic and fascinating, but never boring.

)Matt Homemade mayonnaise is surprisingly easy to make, and since it tastes so much better than store-bought, it may sway even avowed mayo-haters.I'm what you called a "serial dater." And, thanks to my experience in the dating realm, I've perfected not just the art of the awkward and intimidating first date, but those "Where is this relationship going? Oftentimes we're so consumed by the first date, that we forget that second dates are an even higher-stakes game — you've made a good enough impression for a person to call again, but will this lead to more?After the initial nerves of the first date wear off, second dates can actually be more of a thrill. You've learned the barebones of your partners interests and have the ability to play to them in one magical night.The likes of Mc Fly and Ellie Goulding have recently been seen larking around on the luxurious leather chesterfield sofas that accompany each lane, and Brooklyn Bowl even has a dedicated gig area which is set to host live acts throughout the year – ideal if you fancy extending the night beyond the standard bowling.As you can imagine, the cool factor doesn’t come particularly cheap, so be prepared to pay £18 per half-hour bowling if you decide this is the ideal date night for you.

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Following hot in the footsteps of original Brooklyn venue – Brooklyn Bowl has landed at the O2, and gives you a legitimately cool hang-out to chat, eat, play and generally have plenty of fun with another couple without the need to start throwing keys in a bowl.

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